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Do you have a question you’d like our Locksmith Great Neck professionals to address? Below are the commonly  questions we receive from our clients daily.

Why should I hire a professional locksmith company when I can figure out how to fix the issue on my own?

Feel free to fix the issue independently if you have the skills! However, hiring a professional locksmith guarantees proper handling of lock-related problems without causing damage to your property. Professional locksmiths bring special tools and expertise, making their services more efficient than the average DIY attempt.

I accidentally locked my keys in my car; what can I do to get back in?

Immediately contact us in such situations. Attempting to unlock your car without proper expertise can lead to expensive and time-consuming damage to its security system. Our Locksmith Great Neck experts respond swiftly, usually within half an hour, ensuring you regain access to your vehicle without any harm.

Is it necessary to replace my locks when staff or employees leave the company?

Yes, it is advisable to change the locks to ensure that only current members of the company have access to your office. However, rather than replacing the locks, you can opt to have them rekeyed. Rekeying is a cost-effective and swift solution that provides the same level of security as replacing a lock.

Whenever I insert my key into the lock, it gets stuck and won't turn well. Should I be calling a professional?

Not always. A quick application of WD-40, which is readily available at any hardware store, can frequently free a stuck lock. After this try, if the problem still exists, our experts can arrive at your location in 30 minutes to solve it.

Are your locksmith technicians licensed and insured to fix my lock?

Absolutely! Locksmiths must be certified by the state, hold proper licenses, and have full insurance. Working with uncertified locksmiths poses legal and security risks. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, ensuring your property’s safety is in capable hands.

How can I find the best locksmith near me to care for my locksmith needs?

A reliable locksmith must be available 24/7 for emergencies. It’s crucial to choose a local locksmith to ensure prompt assistance. We assure our customers that we have a 24-hour locksmith available in various locations, ready to provide swift and efficient service.

What happens if the lock that you installed on my door stops working? Is your work guaranteed?

All our work and most locks we use come with a full guarantee. If the lock or security system we install or repair fails, we will promptly resolve the issue at no additional cost to you.

What happens if I call and then cancel the callout?

If you cancel before our locksmith arrives, there are no callout fees. If the locksmith has already assessed the situation and provided a quote upon arrival, you won’t be charged for the assessment. However, a minimal $19 callout fee applies.

I live in the country, and I'm locked out of my house with no neighbors anywhere nearby. Can you help me?

Regardless of your location, call our toll-free hotline, and we will dispatch a professional residential locksmith to assist with any home lockout or locksmith emergency, ensuring help reaches you wherever you are.

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